List with DRIVE Markets

Get institutional exposure with listing support and quarterly updates that are designed to engage traders and analysts while generating credibility.

No upfront fees

We believe that listing is a long term partnership. Our pricing plans are designed to support you while you grow including fee elimination for high volume issuers.




Ideal for new
issuers with low
trading volumes.

$0 – $249K ADTV
Quarterly Updates
Dedicated Account Manager




For established
issuers with
growing volumes.

$250K – $999K ADTV
Quarterly Updates
Dedicated Account Manager




For proven issuers
with consistently
high volumes.

Quarterly Updates
Dedicated Account Manager

Pricing and volumes are based on USD. Average daily trading volumes (ADTV) are calculated based on the previous 30 days.

The DRIVE difference

DRIVE lists companies that will change the world.


Introduce your coin or token to a global audience of professional and institutional traders.


Our issuer team will continuously share your story and quarterly updates, insuring you have a constant stream of buy side engagement.

DRIVE Connect

The power of DRIVE Connect

Coins and tokens listed on DRIVE Markets are traded across our institutional network, providing you with access to global exposure and volume.

List with DRIVE

Our listing process includes three stages:

  • Pre-approval application
  • Legal and liquidity review
  • Technical and marketing build by the DRIVE team

Your dedicated Account Manager will work to deliver a seamless experience and will continue to sync with you to gather quarterly reports that inform and engage traders.