DRIVE Connect

Connecting traders across the globe – DRIVE Connect is built on the power of FIX, delivering high frequency, high volume trading across a network of brokerage firms, banks, OTC’s, exchanges and funds. Visit our Developer Portal to get started.


The evolution of trading

DRIVE Connect is a patent pending matching engine (ECN), built to bridge the gap between pro-grade trading software and the cryptocurrency markets.


Connect offers institutional clients seamless execution in a growing list of crypto and fiat currency pairs with synthetic exposure including CFD and Futures.

Liquidity and credibility

Issuers listed with DRIVE Markets enjoy broad distribution and visibility across the Connect network of trading desks throughout the world.


Connect is cryptocurrency trading as it should be, built to connect the trading software our clients use instead of asking them to abandon them and login to a slow, unreliable experience.

High frequency trading

Connect is lightning fast, supports high frequency, automated trading and is built on FIX, the language of the global financial markets. From market depth to reliable order execution, don’t settle for less.

Drive Liquidity

24/7 Liquidity

Brokerage firms, exchanges, banks, funds and OTC’s trust us to deliver seamless execution in popular crypto and fiat currency pairs, keeping DRIVE Connect and our clients, liquid.

Driving Connectivity

There are multiple reasons why DRIVE Connect is resonating with the industry.

DRIVE Wallets

Industry Leading Security

Wallet security is paramount, which is why we rely on security and custodial leaders to ensure we meet industry standards and keep our client’s assets safe.

FIX connectivity and instant execution. Don’t settle for less.

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